Blackjack in Supreme Court

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Blackjack in Supreme Court
Further to our recent piece on why a fifth of online blackjack players are mistaken
casinos in Indiana are taking the subject of offline card-counting to the supreme court. The question is not whether card counting itself is a legal activity (it is) but whether casinos have a legal right to ban players from counting cards on their premises.
Video poker Decisions
Video poker is one of those online casino games that can be approached in two ways. The most casual online casino gambling fans can play video poker as a pure game of chance
feeding their virtual coins into the machine and hoping to land a big win thanks to luck alone. Serious players
on the other hand
can take full advantage of their ability to make decisions
such as which cards to keep and which cards to discard as each hand unfolds. In this article we will provide a trilogy of tips about the kind of video poker decisions that could help you improve your chances of having a profitable session…